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Endorse Kirsten

Endorse Kirsten
Mason Cole

I endorse Senator Gillibrand because she has a clear and consistent record when it comes to protecting civil liberties and protecting constitutional rights.

— Mason Cole
Suzanne Coogan

I am so impressed with Mrs. Gillibrand! That she has chosen to work on the Ag Committee means a lot to this farming community. Every time I have seen her, at the Wyoming Co. Fair, at DRC, at Lenihan's office in Buffalo, she is always up to date on issues and solutions to problems.

— Suzanne Coogan
Cindy Truong

I support Kirsten because she understands the importance of healthcare for all Americans and is fighting to make sure people get the care they deserve

— Cindy Truong
Oriannes Reyes

I trust, support, and believe that Kirsten has a genuine interest and concern for our country and will fight incessantly to ensure that every American has access to affordable healthcare and tackle key issues head on.

— Oriannes Reyes

New York is an amazing place and that's why I moved here for college five years ago. Now that I've finished school and am starting out in my career, I am so happy to have a Senator like Kirsten Gillibrand because I know she's fighting to make sure that all New Yorkers can find--and keep--the jobs they love.

— Jasmine
Gary VanderPutten

Senator Gillibrand has to be the most articulate, intelligent, engaging, and accessible politician I have ever met in person.

— Gary VanderPutten
Mariela Anguiano

I support Kirsten because she wants to make sure that even though I’m a woman, I’ll get paid as much as my male co-workers.

— Mariela Anguiano
Ms. Andrea Black, Esq.

I support Senator Kirsten Gillibrand because she is dedicated to improving the lives of single mothers through support, education and, advocacy.

— Ms. Andrea Black, Esq.
Danielle Sneed

 I support Kirsten because she cares about educating our youth.

— Danielle Sneed
Walter Dixie

I support Kirsten because she’s going to build back business corridors in urban communities.

— Walter Dixie
Jennifer Coates

Kirsten Gillibrand has risen tremendously to the task of representing her constituents from the State of New York. Her progressive agenda is exactly what we need to take New York into the next decade as a leading state in our great nation.

— Jennifer Coates
Ryan Key

I proudly endorse Kirsten Gillibrand for U.S. Senate because I know that she will fight for my right to marry my partner and will work for equality for all Americans.

— Ryan Key
Ron Zacchi

Kirsten is a smart, forward thinking, progressive that has the best interest of New York State and the United States in mind while handling her political responsibilities. She is a strong leader while remaining accessible, friendly and straight forward--something we don't see a lot of in politics.

— Ron Zacchi
Michael Sass

Kirsten Gillibrand greatly reformed the way politics and governing are done here in the 20th district and has continued her amazing work as our Senator. I am proud to say that I voted twice to have her represent me in the House and cannot wait for November to come so I can make sure she continues to be our Senator.

— Michael Sass
Paul Reeser & Christopher Morris (pictured)

I endorse Kirsten because when she was in the House, she helped my husband Christopher, disabled with his service-connected Lou Gehrig's disease, receive his fair compensation from the Army & the VA. We cannot say thank you enough. She helped to make Chris's now difficult life easier and better.

— Paul Reeser & Christopher Morris (pictured)
Michael Wolkowitz

Senator Gillibrand possesses a quality that has become alarmingly rare on Capitol Hill: the courage of her convictions. I have direct experience of that courage when comes to the difficult fight to prevent gun violence in this country. And that is only one of so many examples. She is brilliant, she is courageous, she is hard-working, and she is a superb listener.

— Michael Wolkowitz
Kate Hoit

As an Iraq War veteran from Albany, I could not be more pleased with Senator Gillibrand's awareness on key military issues. She has cosponsored legislation that helped shape the current GI Bill-- which I use, and has authored Providing Real Outreach to our Veterans, which would aim at easing the relationship between the Veterans Administration and service members. Gillibrand has proven that she understands the difficult transition from active duty military to civilian life and will do what it takes to ensure that the 1 million veterans in New York are taken care of.

— Kate Hoit
Alex Bloom

Senator Gillibrand has been, and will continue to be, a strong progressive and an independent voice for all New Yorkers. She will continue to fight for issues that mean most such as job creation, strong economic growth, transparency in government and a woman's right to choose. I am proud to endorse Kirsten and am excited to vote for her in November.

— Alex Bloom
Jean Marc Joseph

I endorse Kirsten because she has a clear vision for the middle class, she understands our plight, our suffering. She is the one who stood, and will be standing for us and is the right person for the job.

— Jean Marc Joseph
Bill Abrams

I endorse Kirsten because she has a rare understanding of the needs of all areas of New York -- downstate, upstate, Long Island, and the cities. She is a champion of families and is sensitive to those in need and those who fuel our economy.

— Bill Abrams